About Faruk Ateş

Faruk Ateş in a white suit and pink shirt.

Faruk Ateş is a writer, product designer, web developer, and professional licorice enthusiast. He doesn’t care much for third-person bios, so I’m switching voice now.

I am a mostly-white, cis-gender, heteroflexible, atheist, sex-positive, trans-inclusive, intersectional feminist man.

I enjoy creating things that are useful to people, like Modernizr: an Open Source library that has enabled wide-scale adoption of cutting-edge web technologies. Or Presentate, a presentation tool that solves the hard problems and helps you become a better presenter. Right now I’m creating tools for fiction writers, which I use myself for the short fiction and Sci-Fi novel I am writing. But don’t blame the tools for my writing; if you write, you may well find them useful.

My current day job is Product Designer at Quantifind, a company where data science meets human pattern-matching and curiosity. We provide Explanatory Analytics to companies that help them understand the interests and desires of their customers.

Prior to Quantifind, I served as Design Director on one of the world’s largest government software projects; I was the Product Designer at Apture, a startup acquired by Google; I advocated for web standards and accessibility with the Web Standards Project; and I spearheaded the team at Apple bringing their famous Online Store into the modern age of web design and development.

Besides writing this blog, my short fiction and my upcoming novel, I also write & curate Product Matters, a publication focused on the intersection of product design, ethics, and society. It combines the insights and experiences I’ve gained over the years in back– and front-end development, UX, IxD and Product Design, and entrepreneurship.

Contact Faruk

I’m most efficiently reached via Twitter, but private communications have yet to be Executive Ordered away, so for those you can use this form: