I’d Like To Tell You A Little Story

In 1953, a man named L. Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology, complete with a set of beliefs and related practices and presented as a new religion.

Over time, the Church of Scientology grew larger and larger and spawned several offshoots aimed at more specific and narrowly-focused teachings. Eventually, Scientology is recognized as an established religion and starts gaining even more followers and benefits, one of them being tax exemptions from governments.

One of the teachings within Scientology is that psychiatry is evil and should be abolished from the world. They claim that it is “destructive and abusive”.

Sometimes, a member of the Church of Scientology is actually in need of psychiatric help, but because of these teachings, which have no scientific evidence backing them up whatsoever, that help is never extended and the member leads a life full of suffering and problems—in some cases, it even leads to the death of the member.

In one of the more extreme situations, some of the Scientology members take the teachings too literal, too liberally and too far, and they go out and kill a local psychiatrist. Someone who was simply an innocent doctor, helping others deal with their personal and/or professional problems. Someone who some of his patients claim they owe their life to, a man who was regarded as a small hero in the local community for all the great work he did. He was kind, gentle and helpful. But now he’s dead.

It’s all as sad and regrettable as it sounds.

But is it?

I have to apologize, for I lied to you. My story is not all true. Yes, the Church of Scientology was founded in 1953 and yes, it does truly aim to abolish psychiatry from the world. But to my knowledge, none of its members ever went so far as to kill a local psychiatrist. [update: so I was half-wrong; they do kill people]

You see, my story is really about Christianity. Replace 1953 with “Middle Ages”, replace Scientology with “Christ”, and replace “psychiatry” with any of the things that are as innocent and harmless as psychiatry but which the Bible, for whatever reasons they are, preaches to be “evil” and “sinful”. You don’t, however, have to replace the killing of an innocent man with anything but today’s news of the killing of Dr. George Tiller, for that is the true state of things today.

How much longer will it be before we start asking ourselves why we, the people, keep paying money to these religions—any of them—through Government tax exemptions when they also produce members within our own society that commit such intolerable crimes?

How much longer will it be before we start asking ourselves why we turn a blind eye to much of religion when so much of it speaks of hatred and violence and it requires us to interpret these teachings through many layers of better consciousness, something that clearly is too much to ask of for some of the members of these religions?

How much longer is it going to be before we say “enough is enough”?

It takes a well-educated, intelligent mind to easily separate the good from the bad amongst religions’ preaching, whereas it takes very little thinking to take religions’ preaching and use them to justify heinous acts of terrorism against innocent people.

I know I’m tired of indirectly funding these organizations that don’t do a good enough job of self-moderation. Why aren’t you?

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