The Stirrings Of Adventure

About six weeks ago, I left the comfortable confines of the computer company’s campus. Apple is an amazing company to work at, but there’s a difference between a great place, and the right place. Apple, right now, is not where I should be spending my time; not someone like me who has far more ideas for products and projects than he has time. For me at this very moment, Apple is not the place where I can exercise on these ideas.

One of the things I thought, three and a half years ago when the email from Apple came in, was that it would be “so much easier” to make a difference on the Web for millions of people while working at a corporation like Apple. This was certainly true when taking into account that I got to work on sites with millions of visitors a day, but over time I realized that the way I envisioned myself having an impact on the Web was neither through Apple nor through working on its high-traffic websites. No, it was instead with ideas for tools and techniques that would help push the Web forward as a whole, by convincing web designers and developers to use cutting-edge techniques and common-sense design principles. And that’s exactly what I aim to do from now on.

Shortly after leaving Apple I launched Modernizr, a small JavaScript library that detects native availability of HTML5 and CSS3 features in your browser. Now, using an HTML5 structure, a plethora of CSS3-based enhancements and—of course—Modernizr to power a design I’d been working on, revisiting and revising for almost as long as I’ve been writing this new blog, I’m finally launching my own site for real. If you’re reading this in a feedreader, come and take a look at the actual site. It’s quite a change from the WordPress-with-some-default-theme setup that was here before.

I’ll be writing about the many design decisions that went into this site in greater detail over the coming days, discussing aspects like the Elsewhere links (one of the most-complimented features already) and the Social Networks’ icons, the use of Microformats and how they occasionally forced my hand in the markup of the site.

Before I do that, however, I want to briefly mention that I am—after a three-year hiatus—available again for writing and speaking engagements. It’s something I’ve definitely missed doing. All things considered, it’s an exciting time for me. Adventure looms ahead, and I could not be happier about it.

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