Power To The Bloggers

Three days ago, Steven Frank wrote about his iPhone boycott and listed a series of changes that Apple would have to make which would, in response, make him reconsider his boycott. Today, Steven writes that, much like John Gruber only a week ago, Phil Schiller, head of Apple marketing, has responded to his blog post with a direct, personal email.

Two bits from his post today that, I think, highlight the power bloggers have and which really justify even the smallest of rants someone might post to their own blog:

What I do have is a comment from Phil that Apple has read what I (and others) have written recently, and that they’re taking it very seriously. Realistically, what more could I hope to achieve from my puny blog posts and arm-flailing?

If nothing else, I am very grateful that Phil actually took the time to contact me. As I’ve said repeatedly, communication will solve this problem — not silence. Let’s push that communication down from executives-to-bloggers to app-store-to-developers and I think we’ve really got a breakthrough.