SXSW Interactive 2010: Next-Generation Web Technologies, Today

After not having spoken at SXSW Interactive since 2006, I’m hoping that this presentation (created together with Crush+Lovely designer Jina Bolton) will draw enough interest in votes to become part of the lineup.

Subjects we’ll cover in Next-Generation Web Technologies, Today:

  1. What are these new Web Technologies?
  2. Why would I care to use these technologies?
  3. Which browser supports what?
  4. How can I use them?
  5. How do I keep things simple and easy to maintain when I do this?
  6. What is the best way to use the new technologies?
  7. What are the best practices (and why are they “best”)?
  8. What’s wrong about using shortcuts in my development process?
  9. What are the tradeoffs when doing this?
  10. How can I convince my clients that the tradeoffs are worth it to them?

If this sounds interesting to you, please go and vote for us.