Modernizr 1.0

It’s been only two months since I first announced Modernizr, and now it is my great pleasure to say that Modernizr 1.0—its first major milestone release—is available! With this release comes a slew of new features in the library, as well as a whole range of improvements and additions to itself.

First, the new library features detection for @font-face, Canvas Text, HTML5 Audio and Video, CSS 3D Transforms, the new HTML5 input types and the Geolocation API. It also changes its behavior a little, adding the resulting classes (“borderradius”, “no-csstransitions”) to the html element instead of the body element. This is done so that you can include the Modernizr JavaScript file anywhere in your page.

The site itself has been revamped a little. It now sports a News section with RSS feed, a Documentation page with code samples for each of the features that Modernizr detects for, and a Sites page that will grow over time as more and more sites launch that use the library.

Modernizr 1.0 was not just a sole effort. I want to thank Paul Irish and Ben Alman. The two of them restructured most of the 0.9 codebase, leaving it functionally intact but reducing the file size by a stunning 35% and improving performance here and there. I also want to thank John Resig, Mark Pilgrim, Leonid Khachaturov, John Tantalo and Peter Speck for various contributions and feature suggestions.

Now that Modernizr has reached 1.0, it’s time to really start exploring the potential of CSS3 and HTML5. I already have several exciting projects in mind that will take advantage of it, but I’m even more thrilled about seeing what everyone else will come up with. If 9elements’ Canvas+Audio demo is any indication, well, let’s just say it’s an exciting time to be a web designer / developer.

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