Road Trippin’ the USA

Those who follow me on Twitter or Brightkite have noticed already: I’m on a road trip across the United States. Meanwhile, this blog will be on hold for a bit as I won’t find much time to write, given that my daily average driving time is 7 hours (sans stops).

I’ve created a little blog (using Tumblr) to chronicle my and Li’l Steve Jobs‘ travels: Faruk & Li’l Steve’s Road Trip USA. It combines my Flickr and Brightkite RSS feeds and has a road-trippy design for it. It’s by no means great (it’s not even tested on anything but Safari), but it’s a start of something bigger I have planned for it.

During my travels I’ll still check in on Twitter as much as I can, but all e-mail and other communication will be haphazard and postponed for longer stops, of which there are only few.

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