Come Celebrate My Birthday With Me

Today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone), it is officially my 27th birthday. I typically don’t care that much about that sort of thing, but I do appreciate the excuse it gives me to invite my friends who live nearby to a rooftop bar and enjoy drinks with them all together.

This year, that plan falls through. For one, I’m not in San Francisco right now. For another, I’m not even in one place at all tomorrow, as I’ll be driving from Pittsburgh to my next road trip stop. So for my 27th birthday I’ll be in my trusty car for about 5 hours, watching the world pass by. This got me thinking: for the past nine years I’ve worked as a web development professional, making friends everywhere. Obviously I can’t get all my friends from all over the world together in one place for my birthday… but I don’t have to.

This year, I’m celebrating my birthday… online. And you’re all invited! Here’s what I’m doing:

For my 27th birthday, I pledge to donate $3 to Charity Water for every photo people post of themselves having a drink in my honor on October 1st, 2009, or for every $20 (or more) you donate to them yourself.

The drink can be a coffee or tea during the day, or a nice celebratory beverage at night—or a glass of Jack Daniels at 10am, if that’s really your thing. I’m not here to judge. Anyway. Post that photo to your social network(s) of choice, add a link back to this very post, and then for every photo I find, I’ll add $5 and the total sum will be donated to Charity Water (who are also on Twitter).

So please. Have a drink on me tomorrow, and take a photo of yourself with your drink of choice and post it either to Twitter, Brightkite, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, or what have you. And, if you like this cause, please help promote this to reach more people.

Notes/addendum: multiple entries by the same person will only be counted as one. If you’re concerned I may not find your photo, you can @-reply me on Twitter or send me an email. If you’re helping promote this or are posting your photo to Twitter, please add the tag #faruksbirthday so that I and others can easily find it.

Happy birthday, and thank you.

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