Pastebot: the Clipboard Manager for your iPhone

Ever since Copy and Paste made it to the iPhone, people have cheered and celebrated its implementation. Okay, perhaps the holiday season is making me exaggerate, but it’s been a warmly welcomed feature to the iPhone OS and it’s certainly been a joy to use. But to call it perfect would be giving it too much credit, too. After all, who hasn’t used their iPhone Notes application as a scratchboard to save a clipping briefly while wanting to copy-paste something else? If you’re anything like me when it comes to using your iPhone, you’ll also have emailed yourself long URLs, large blobs of text or images from your Mac, only to retrieve them and use them on your iPhone. Well, all those workarounds are no longer necessary, for now there is Pastebot for iPhone and iPod Touch, brought to you by Tapbots.

Pastebot is a clipboard manager application for the iPhone with a load of great functionality. It stores text and images and allows you not just to organize them, but to apply all kinds of filters to them. Want to crop that photo you just took? Pastebot can do it. Need to find and replace some string in this long note you wrote? Pastebot can do it. And, since this is the age of sharing, Pastebot will let you share your clipping with others, whether it’s text or an image. Whilst not everything you can imagine is possible to do with text and images in Pastebot just yet, the functionality that’s there is already pretty extensive.

When you first launch Pastebot it gives you a quick little tour that explains the basic usage of the app in a helpful and friendly way, without over-explaining it. You’ll quickly notice that there’s loads to discover as you use the app more, but it’s all done so intuitively and elegantly that you never feel overwhelmed by the amount of options in the app. The user interface has that same kind of polish that you may already be familiar with from the Tapbots team, from either their Convertbot or Weightbot iPhone applications. Everything seems very carefully thought through and designed to help encourage a great user experience.

When you have a Mac, Pastebot becomes even much more valuable thanks to the free Mac companion application: Pastebot Sync. This small utility allows you to sync your clipboard from Mac to iPhone and back. Want to try out a URL on your iPhone? Just copy it on your Mac, open Pastebot on your iPhone and you’re done. Setting up an iPhone to sync with your Mac couldn’t be simpler, and sharing snippets of text between all your Mac and iPhone applications can be an incredibly helpful thing.

In many ways, Pastebot is a content manager for your iPhone and it pulls it off splendidly. If you’ve ever used one of their other apps, you’ll already be familiar with the great quality of Tapbots’ products; if you haven’t, Pastebot is a great and highly useful little app to get introduced to them.

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