Why are you so terribly disappointing?

I’ve linked this on Twitter already a couple days ago, but it’s so good I feel the need to share it to even more audiences. Further, this bit is particularly relevant today, following Engadget’s closing of comments:

You have but to take a peek in the comments section below this column, any column, any article on this or any news site whatsoever, to see just how mean and nasty we have become. It does not matter what the piece might be about. Obama’s speech. High speed rail. Popular dog breeds. Your grandmother’s cookies. The anonymous comments section of any major media site or popular blog will be so crammed with bile and bickering, accusation and pule, hatred and sneer you can’t help but feel violently disappointed by the shocking lack of basic human kindness and respect, much less a sense of positivism or perspective.

Engadget is not the only site that would benefit from either closing comments more often, or switching to Facebook Connect-based commenting exclusively to eradicate anonymity.