Creativity Dominates Today’s Links

So my daily aggregate of links shared on Twitter is far from daily thus far, but that’s okay. It’s meant to be supplemental, and some days I share a lot on Twitter whilst other days I may not even tweet much at all.

I’ve refined the script that I’m using to pull in my tweets and filter them for links I shared, and pretty soon I will release the script for others to make use of as well. But more on that later, let’s see what’s been interesting the past few days!

Sources and/or subjects for some of these items:
@alexbrooks, @brucel, @chrismessina, @ClaytonMorris, @davebarrett, @Flipboard, @G_Masta, @kerri9494, @lbm, @nevenmrgan, @overture8, @rem, @secretsquirrel, @simurai, @stubbornella

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