PIMP Web Design

Update: unsurprisingly, in the ongoing pursuit of equality and the improvements in awareness surrounding inappropriate terminology or behavior, we all make mistakes. I myself thought (and argued) that this session title was acceptable. It is most definitely not, but I now use it as a reminder that when I make a mistake, I should own up to it.

I’ll be doing a session on “PIMP Web Design” at the ThinkVitamin Online HTML & CSS conference. Here’s my session’s description:

Today’s web design and development process involves catering to an increasingly large number of browsers, and with mobile added into the mix the number of permutations and configurations we have to understand and support is staggering. With PIMP Web Design, you learn how to make sites that are Progressively IMPressive, offering better and more exciting experiences the more capable the user’s browser is, while making your work easy to maintain and flexible enough to handle all kinds of resolutions and devices.

The main link is the conference overview; if you’re thinking of attending, get your tickets here—there are discount options at that link.