Alfred, the first Quicksilver Alternative

I’ve been a steady Quicksilver user since getting my first Mac, so I was sad when development on it ended and the project was essentially left for dead. I’d tried alternatives such as LaunchBar, but they never satisfied my needs. When Mac OS X Snow Leopard came out, breaking some aspects of Quicksilver, I went looking for alternatives again, but again to no avail. Also, don’t even mention Spotlight.

Enter Alfred. This new app has the same speed, power, performance and usability I’ve come to rely on so heavily with Quicksilver, while adding several improvements. It’s still in beta and thus misses some features compared to Quicksilver—like Address Book integration—but those are reportedly coming soon. The most crucial thing for me was my first use of it: I’d forgotten I quit Quicksilver and launched Alfred, and for the first two uses of it I didn’t even notice. And after that, I started using it in ways I couldn’t with Quicksilver.

If you’re a Quicksilver holdout like myself, I encourage you to give this app a try. It probably won’t appeal much to the Launchbar fans, but I honestly think that Alfred will permanently replace Quicksilver for me, at long last.