Dirty Percent

John Gruber with a fine piece on Apple’s Subscription policy and its 30%-cut. Regarding Price Matching, Gruber writes:

Yes, same-price rule is good for users and for Apple, but waiving this rule wouldn’t be particularly bad for users or for Apple, either — and it would give publishers some freedom to experiment.

I suspect one reason Apple won’t budge is that their competitors — like Amazon — insist on best-price matching.

One thing I would add to that, is this: Apple has no good incentive to budge on this right now. I think Apple is perfectly willing to budge, but if and only if it can drag along all their competitors. If this Price Matching aspect becomes a legal matter, it would allow Apple to point to Amazon and insist that if they have to budge, Amazon has to as well. That would work out just fine for Apple, but not so much for Amazon, who has been forcing publisher’s hands for years with their price matching policy.