Death Threats and Hate Crimes, Attacks On Women Bloggers Escalating

Naomi Dunford with a deeply concerning update on recent events:

While this is a tragedy against womens’ rights, this is pretty normal stuff online. You should have seen what happened when I made the front page of Digg, back when people used Digg. Owwie.

But I was okay with this, because I have a strong support network, and when I chose this path, I had a fairly clear idea of the consequences. I chose to be a semi-public figure.

I just didn’t expect the death threats.

The lynch mob Dunford describes should be brought to justice, and all participating members should be put in jail.

There is one tangential thing I want to point out though. Dunford writes:

Hate bloggers claim innocence because they are acting within their First Amendment rights.

I know that many Americans want to justify their hate crimes and hate speech as being protected under the First Amendment, but, whilst it (concerningly) will rarely—if ever—be enforced in the USA anymore, free speech does not actually protect against neither hate speech nor death threats. These are crimes; yes, even under American law hate speech is a crime. But people are getting away with them because even politicians in this country commit this crime. Some on a regular basis. But here’s a simple fact to remember: the freedom of speech is not absolute in any nation on Earth.