Invest in us.

One of the ideal times to start a company is when you’ve come up with an idea for a product that has the potential to really scratch an itch that people have in both work and play; an itch that some have today, but that you know many more people will have in the years to come.

I believe I have a great product in the making just like that.

Better yet, I’ve found some great, highly talented people who believe so too. Together we hope to start a company and make this a reality: we plan to make web applications that empower people to share information and spread their knowledge better. Applications that help people with an idea or message to reach a greater audience, and help them to crystallize that idea, and polish that message to prevent it from being drowned out by the information overload of today’s information-driven culture.

We’ve already been designing great, fun and innovative ways in which we will offer these products to our future customers. We have an initial prototype, but this is just the beginning: we’re laying the foundation for even more exciting products and directions to explore further down the road.

So now we want to commit to this full-time, because there is a lot of work to be done, and it’s best done without distractions like a different day job. That’s why we are looking for great investors to partner with; people who share our vision for a more inclusive world where valuable information is easily shared and consumed by everyone—regardless of device or ability.

A bit about me

I am a former Apple engineer, and currently a product designer–a generalist who has expertise with everything from database design to UX, back-end programming to front-end innovations. I speak at conferences and events and I’ve contributed to, and have had my work featured across, several magazines and books.

Three years ago I started putting together a JavaScript tool that I knew many web designers & developers would soon have a need for: an open-source tool called Modernizr. Today, companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Adobe, Slate, National Geographic, The Boston Globe, The Economist, and more than 56,000 others rely on it. No marketing efforts, no campaigns; designers and developers the world over talk about it at web conferences because they love the tool and they think everyone should use it. Last year it won the .Net Award for Open Source Application of the Year 2010, beating WordPress and Drupal. This year it’s in the running again, facing WordPress and Firefox, while the team behind it is growing larger to make it even better.

However ambitious Modernizr may seem, the products we have in mind for this company are far more ambitious, as they are aimed at a much larger audience. They are designed through, built for, and shaped by what we know best: the web. We love the web and the limitless potential it has in changing the way humans communicate ideas across and share insights and knowledge with each other.

We think there is a tremendous opportunity to fundamentally change a part of that, and create new ways for doing this. The universe is still pretty smooth. Help put some more dents into it.

Invest in us.

If you are or know an investor who might be interested in being part of this: let’s talk.

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