A Black Man’s View on Schrödinger’s Rapist

The Crommunist on the “Schrödinger’s Rapist” argument, which is that women have to treat any strange man as a potential rapist:

The other point I want to make here, which goes back to my objection to anti-black racism being used as a rhetorical device by those who will never face it, is that black people engage in tons of behaviours to make white people feel safer. We do this all the damn time. We make accommodations in speech, behaviour, dress, mannerism, conversation topic – a wide diversity of adjustments that we make in the presence of our white friends. We want them to feel comfortable around us, and we accept the inherent racism of the need for such changes. The fact that you rail against its manifest unfairness is indicative of the fact that you have no idea we’re doing it – which means, in turn, that we’re doing it well.

The exact same is true for women and dealing with sexism. I fully suspect that it is true, to some extent or another, for basically any minority or disenfranchised group.

Regarding the comparison of anti-black racism versus the Schrödinger’s Rapist “sexist” aspect, FTBlogger physioprof has a great additional remark:

“It is not “sexist” for women to view all men as potential rapists, because (other than in prison) men possess the privilege of being subject to a vanishingly small likelihood of being raped by either men or women, while women are subject to a substantial likelihood of being raped by men. In contrast, it is “racist” for white people to view all black people as potential criminals, because (as far as I can discern from available crime statistics) white people are the ones who possess the privilege of being less likely to be crime victims than black people, and they are more likely to be victims of crimes committed by white people than by black people.”