Intuition Design

In his recent piece on The Experience Economy, entrepreneur and investor Chris Dixon writes:

Experiences make people happier than products (a fact that scientific studies support). […] The trend toward experiences is important for technology startups. The era of competing over technical specifications is over. Users want better experiences from devices, applications, websites, and the offline services they enable. It is no coincidence that interaction design is replacing technical prowess as the primary competency at startups. People who create great experiences will be the most valuable to startups, and startups that create great experiences will be the most valuable to users.

I pretty much agree with Dixon that interaction design and great experiences are the most critical aspect to consider, not just for technology startups but for any consumer-oriented company. What I raise my eyebrow at is the notion that this is a new idea. Consider, for example, this bit from the famous Steve Jobs Q&A at the ’97 WWDC: