“I don’t want heads to roll. I want heads to be educated.”

Aral Balkan, writing about the male gaze and the sexist incident at Microsoft’s Norwegian Developers Conference:

A formal apology that doesn’t pass the buck is a great start. Remember that you’re apologising for the failure of a policy that allowed a wholly-owned subsidiary to produce a sexist display at a developer conference under your name.

But don’t stop there.

How you can really turn this unfortunate situation around and do some good is to take action that matters: review your policies, find out where the communication failures were, fix those. And don’t fire the people responsible: instead, send them on a course to teach them feminist theory. We all make mistakes. Teach them the right way of doing things and let them make up for it with their actions in the future.

We can’t fix this problem by passing the buck. The only way to stop the perpetuation of the male gaze in our industry is through education.