From Samus to Lara: An Interview With Anita Sarkeesian

On defining feminism:

There are, unfortunately, a great many misconceptions about the term “feminism” floating around out there in the cultural ether. Much of the confusion can be traced back to a media/political backlash against women’s rights and women’s equality in general. The Straw Feminist trope, for example, is one popular rhetorical device created to propagate an exaggerated caricature of a feminist. Talk-show hosts and Hollywood writers deliberately use this trope to undermine and ridicule feminist movements by falsely painting us as crazy man-hating extremists. I interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who call themselves feminists–or feminist allies–and exactly none of them desire a society in which the scales of power are simply reversed, where women rise to dominate or rule over men. In reality, feminists want an end to gender-based oppression, and although we have made great strides in some areas, there is still a long way to go in others. Ultimately, we are fighting to be full and complete members of human society.

And I can’t resist quoting this gem:

To put it another way, popular culture is like the air we all breathe. It’s in everyone’s interests to make sure that air is not polluted with poisonous sexism so that we don’t all end up with hideous misogynist mutations growing out of the back of our collective heads.

Overall a great interview with Anita Sarkeesian, whose fantastic Kickstarter project you should donate to before it ends this Saturday morning.