How Tech Conferences Can Be Agents Of Positive Social Change

A great idea by JSConf:

For our specific implementation, we setup the #15ForAda campaign that encouraged our attendees to contribute to the Ada Initiative as part of their ticket purchase by including an opt-out $10 donation to the registration form. Their statement was loud and clear: improving the diversity of the conference is a critical, important, and majority concern. 85% of our ticket purchasing attendees contributed $10 above their ticket price to help support the campaign.

“This is amazing. What it means is 85% of the people at JSConf care about bringing more women in their community not just in a casual, ‘Oh yeah, that would be nice,’ kind of way, but enough to put their money where their mouth is,” says Valerie Aurora, executive director of the Ada Initiative. “Just getting this data about the level of support is a huge contribution from the JSConf organizers.”