Presentate: Ready for the Stage

Last summer we introduced Presentate, online presentation software built in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Presentate is created from the ground up for today’s interconnected, web-driven world.

We raised a small amount of friends & family money to get us on our way, and bootstrapped a comprehensive editing and publishing platform for presentations. Presentate is more than just a presentation layer in the browser, and more than a creation app. Presentate will also help you become a better presenter, share and connect with your audience, better understand them through powerful analytics, and much, much more.

A sneak preview has been available on for a few months. We’ve had thousands of people sign up for our beta, and we’re excited to let our early adopters try their hand at making presentations.

While we’re opening Presentate up to individuals, we also want to talk with companies to find out more about their needs and wants, and see how Presentate can fit into their workflows. If your company wants to explore a great new way to create and share presentations, make better pitches, and be more effective selling and marketing to customers, get in touch now.

Job opening: Business Development (summer hire or full time)

Additionally, we are looking to fill a Business Development role with someone who is passionate about communication technologies, productivity software, and the presentation space in general. Ideally, this person is a self-starter with previous enterprise sales experience who is interested in being an early hire at a new startup. Are you this awesome person? Reach out! We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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