Flickr Old Skool Badges, New Edition

Back when Flickr was acquired by Yahoo!, my good friend Dan Rubin created old-skool badges for those who had been around since the early days of Flickr and who were eventually forced to use Yahoo IDs to log in. The “old skool” badge was a symbol for oldtimers, some who were unhappy with the Yahoo ID requirement, others who simply thought it was a nice reminder of how long they’d been a Flickr member.

With today’s brand new Flickr design comes a bigger profile photo, which highlighted just how old the old skool badge really was. 48×48 pixels no longer looks okay, so with Dan’s blessing I recreated the Flickr old skool badges for the modern age, at 500×500 pixels. You can download a Photoshop file of all six badges, and see them in action below or on my Flickr page.

In keeping with Dan’s original work, these badges have no usage restric­tions, just credit me and link back here if you alter and redis­trib­ute them, and don’t redis­trib­ute the orig­i­nal ver­sions (link directly to this blog post).

All six Flickr old skool badges shown on top of my avatar

Download the PSD

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