The Professional Gap Of Privilege

I’m honored to be writing pieces for the excellent Pastry Box Project this year. My focus will generally be the topic of Culture + Technology, but sometimes I may write about other things entirely.

My first piece, published today, is about the professional gap in our industry caused by privilege. It’s already receiving some very kind words from people; I hope you enjoy it. A snippet:

Over the past few years, there has been a cultural shift happening towards liberal, progressive ideals: same-sex marriage, better representation of underrepresented demographics in our politics and media culture, and so forth. This steady march of progress has come with the predictable backlash of people who see it as change for change’s sake, or as unnatural change; it is backlash of people who are uncomfortable with the speed in which their world is changing, in which the status quo is shifting and taking away some of their privileges (even when it does so for the better of everyone, the feeling of being ‘limited’ may seem arbitrary and, thus, unnecessary or unnatural to some).

But what hasn’t always changed is what people talk about on their blogs, Twitter, or wherever. That’s fine, of course; I’m not writing this to wag a finger at anyone. I just want to point out what that privilege leads to.

Read the full piece on The Pastry Box Project.