Recent Writing, Elsewhere

As RSS subscribers will no doubt have noticed, I have not been writing much on here for quite some time. I will detail the why’s behind this soon, but for now I just want to update with links to some recent writing I’ve done and published elsewhere:

How does one increase or gain emotional fortitude?
I wrote an answer on Quora to this question, as it related directly to a much more comprehensive topic I’ve been writing about (behind the scenes) for several months. This is something that I would’ve benefited from reading when I was much younger. I hope it can be of use to people who are struggling with anxieties, depression, sickness, or simply the feeling of being overwhelmed by the complicated nature of social politics today and what it means to be a person.

Apple’s Taxes vs. Jobs Argument Is Not The One Corporations Usually Make
I still write about my old employer from time to time. In this case, it’s about the unprecedented “fine” of 13 billion euros the European Commission issued to Apple, and the inaccurate framing the media is putting it in. (Spoiler: both sides have a strongly valid point in this case.)

How Not to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones
If you missed the utterly condemnable “how to” article on this subject, you’re probably much better off for it. But I couldn’t resist satirizing it because it’s just that awful, much like when I satirized Dave Winer’s awful post on women programmers.

“Fixing Our Democracy” Will Not Fix Our Democracy
I posit an unpopular or uncomfortable perspective on why our focus on democratic changes to our systems of government is insufficient, and may very well lead to disillusionment when we finally do accomplish them. In short: fixing the flaws in our legislative systems is important, but it’s not enough to fix many of the very real problems we are facing.