Proudly Announcing: Product Matters

Our lives are undergoing increasingly rapid changes. We have sophisticated products, barely a decade old, that are household commodities changing how we go about our day. We have long-familiar products being are dramatically overhauled, their entire fundamentals rethought from the ground up. And we have social platforms to connect with everyone like never before.

So many products, so many changes, and so many conversations we have about them. But one thing is missing from those conversations: how products are designed to affect us. How does a product’s design affect us psychologically and emotionally, as individuals and as a people?

Plenty of research has been conducted into the overall effects of certain products, but relatively few designers and developers pay attention to sociology studies. Conversely, relatively few sociologists are product designers who can balance the myriad complex technical, business, and design requirements involved in creating products. Both groups certainly have an interest in each other’s area of expertise, and there is a growing desire for conversations about the intersection of product design and sustainable social principles.

Enter Product Matters, a fresh perspective on product design.

Product Matters

Product Matters is a new publication on Medium, written and curated by myself, where you can find writings on and examinations of products through the holistic lens of functional, sustainable, emotional and social design.

There will be interviews with people who create products of all kinds, tutorials and 101-style articles to help budding designers learn the ins and outs of the trade, and so much more.

The first articles are up, to give you a taste of the things to come:

We also have a monthly email newsletter and a Slack channel where you can join us for interesting news on product design, or just explore and discuss these topics with us. And, of course, you can follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope that you’ll enjoy Product Matters, and share your own perspectives on product design!