A Dao of Product Design

Product Design is both a practice and a job, but regardless of which of the two applies to your work, there are considerations to make. Does your work make the user feel better? Does it inform them, or arm them with knowledge and a greater understanding? Does it make them stronger people, psychologically, or is it subtly eroding their confidence?

In my new article for A List Apart, the premiere magazine for web designers & developers, I examine five principles of great design: inclusion, positivity & civility, confidence & courage, emotional fortitude, and social mores.The article is the culmination of years of research into the intersections of technology, design, sociology, and society, from the point of view of a deep understanding of product design and development I’ve cultivated through my 16 years of (awards-winning) career experience in both. It provides a framework through which I do all of my work today, as well as my side activities (more here).

I’m thrilled to share: A Dao of Product Design.