A GoFundMe to help get Love First off the ground

My cat Buranshe and I

In my previous post I wrote about how my cat was sick for two years, how I wound up in a dark place, and had to put her down. Over on Medium I wrote the story of Buranshe’s final weekend, too.

The whole thing led me to Love First, the idea of a lifetime for me. I started working on it full-time in January, but unfortunately, my savings were depleted by the steep medical costs of keeping my cat alive ($25K). So, I launched a GoFundMe to recover just $4,500 of that, but it’s enough to keep me afloat for a little longer so that I can get properly started. “But what is Love First?”

Love First: Stories worth telling

Love First is a storytelling platform with a mission: to help people find their true story and lead happier, healthier, and more holistic lives.

The power of stories goes beyond the knowledge and wisdom we share through them: stories define and connect us as human beings. And when we tell our own stories, with honest reflection, we connect with our best selves.

Stories help us relate and connect to each other through a process called neural coupling. But the digital age has disrupted this ancient biological process: we think we’re more connected, but we feel lonelier than ever. We see this represented in the ideological divides between people, as well as the rising epidemic of loneliness, which Vivek Murthy described as an ailment that “puts your body in a constant state of stress.”

But Love First isn’t just my personal beliefs presented in a story: it combines heaps of research and storytelling principles to help people grow, overcome challenges, and build community. It’s a compass for the 21st century.

If you wish to help see Love First become a force for positive change in the world, and are interested in being part of the story, please donate to the GoFundMe, and subscribe to the newsletter on goinglovefirst.com.

Love First: my cat’s final gift to me