A GoFundMe to help get Love First off the ground

My cat Buranshe and I

In my previous post I wrote about how my cat was sick for two years, how I wound up in a dark place, and had to put her down. Over on Medium I wrote the story of Buranshe’s final weekend, too. The whole thing led me to Love First, the idea of a lifetime for me. I started working on it full-time in January, but unfortunately, my savings were depleted by the steep medical costs of keeping my cat alive ($25K). So, I launched a GoFundMe to recover just $4,500 of that, but it’s enough to keep me afloat for a …

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Love First: my cat’s final gift to me

Since late 2015, my cat Buranshe was sick from an incurable and complicated form of Feline Leukemia Virus, or FLV. At her very first diagnosis, we were told that “she probably won’t make it through the weekend.” Buranshe, amazing fighter that she is, kept it going for another two years. When Buranshe first became sick, I had just begun a new job that paid well enough that the medical costs of keeping my cat alive were very much within the realm of possibility, steep though they were. But then 2017 happened, and it was a terrible year for many people. In my …

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Recent Writing, Elsewhere

As RSS subscribers will no doubt have noticed, I have not been writing much on here for quite some time. I will detail the why’s behind this soon, but for now I just want to update with links to some recent writing I’ve done and published elsewhere: How does one increase or gain emotional fortitude? I wrote an answer on Quora to this question, as it related directly to a much more comprehensive topic I’ve been writing about (behind the scenes) for several months. This is something that I would’ve benefited from reading when I was much younger. I hope …

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